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Ovulation Induction Treatment in Bangalore

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Ovulation Induction

What is Ovulation Induction Treatment?

The fertility issues present in either the male partner or the female partner or both can cause them difficulty in conceiving naturally. However, Medical Science has brought forward several procedures for such couples for whom having their own child is the only way they want to resort to.

Ovulation Induction is an Ovulation Disorder Treatment that enables couples to have their own children by inducing ovulation through the use of medicines, leading to an increase in the chance of one being pregnant. It is also known as ovulation stimulation.

To understand Ovulation Disorder Treatment process, it is important to understand what ovulation is. Ovulation is the process where eggs are discharged from the female's ovaries during the menstrual cycle. When an egg is fertilized by one of the sperms present in the fallopian tube, then a fetus is formed.

But, the process of conceiving naturally by this method may be hindered due to several factors combining with irregular periods in a woman that stops ovulation or makes it irregular. In such cases, medicines are used to help discharge the eggs from the ovary, which could be helpful in the impregnation of the female patient. This fertility issue is called Anovulation.

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  • Who should consider Ovulation Induction Treatment?

    If female patients suffer from the infertility issue of anovulation, then it can be resolved using Ovulation Induction Treatment Procedure. So it is known as ovulation disorder treatment.

    The different tests a pregnant mother will undergo during her pregnancy are:

    • The most widespread and common problem is the polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOD. This condition hinders the development of mature follicles and thus ovulation becomes difficult without medication.
    • Another cause of anovulation is irregular periods that are contributed to several other factors such as
      Consumption of excessive caffeine
      Side effects of any drugs
      Women reaching closer to their age of menopause
      Being overweight
      Other hormonal changes

    Women with such problems are likely to fail to get pregnant naturally and so they should consider Ovulation Induction Treatment that might increase their chances of being pregnant and having their own child.

  • Methods of Ovulation Induction Treatment

    There are primarily two methods or processes of ovarian stimulation.

    • In the first method, the goal of the treatment is to stimulate and achieve the release of one egg per month and is mostly done by the use of fertility pills. If fertility pills fail to show results, then injections containing a small dose of gonadotropins may be opted by doctors. This treatment is used on women who cannot ovulate spontaneously due to irregular menstrual cycles.
    • In the second method, the goal of the treatment is to achieve ovulation of two to four large follicles so that several eggs may be released. This may be done by use of gonadotropin injections. When a woman has unexplained fertility problems or there are fertility problems in the male partner, this treatment is chosen. This treatment also involves IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination to help to bring the sperm and the egg close, thus increasing the chances of pregnancy.

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The success rate of pregnancy increases with this procedure but it certainly depends on a woman's age, treatment and period of infertility.

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