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Infertility in men can occur due to many reasons. However, due to its complex nature, it is very common for men not to notice any specific symptoms of their infertility. But for your better understanding, here is a complete list of all the possible  male infertility causes categorized in three sections.

Defects in Semen Analysis


This is one of the major causes of semen abnormality leading to difficulty to conceive. In this condition, the veins in the testes undergo a swelling. This condition is reversible. The reason for occurrence of varicocele is not clearly known but treating it can lead to increase in sperm number and also enhance sperm viability.

Problems in Ejaculation

Some men face this problem in which their semen does not come out of the penis and instead lands up in the bladder. This condition is also termed as retrograde ejaculation and it might occur due to a variety of reasons some of which are spinal injuries, diabetes or even long term use of certain medications.


Both malignant and non-malignant tumors that occur in the can hamper your fertility. At times, even the treatment for tumors which includes radiation therapy can render you infertile.


Your ability to produce viable sperms can get hampered by certain infections. Infections often lead to scarring which in turn leads to the blockage of the pathways of sperm. Some of the common infections include orchitis, which is the inflammation of testicles, and epididymitis, which is the inflammation of the epididymis.

Imbalance in the Level of Various Hormones

Another Fertility Problem in Males is due to hormonal imbalances of the testes itself. Hormonal imbalances in other organs can also lead to infertility. Imbalances in the hormone secretion from pituitary, thyroid, hypothalamus and adrenal glands can cause infertility disorders. Generally, low levels of testosterone in men usually have a whole lot of underlying problems.

Undescended testicles

This case of abnormal testicles is seen in some men and this abnormality happens during the foetal development. During this phase, it happens in some men that the testicles fail to descend into the scrotal sac and thus stay in the abdomen. This conditions leads to infertility.

Defects in the Chromosome

This is one amoung the another major Male Infertility Causes. These disorders are inherited and one of the most common ones is Klinefelter’s syndrome. This syndrome leads to an unnatural development in the sexual organs of men.


There are certain medications due to which men sometimes fail to produce viable sperms. This includes a long term use of steroid or even some antifungal medications. It also includes medications for treating ulcer.

Sexual problem – not able to have proper sexual contact

This includes a variety of problems. One of the most common ones is erectile dysfunction. Some people are not able to have a proper erection during intercourse and thus are unable to have sex. Some others face premature ejaculation. Another type of problem is painful intercourse. Sometimes couples also have problems in their relationship which ultimately leads to lack of intercourse.

Unexplained reason

There are certain unexplained reasons for infertility as well. These include emotional stress and environmental factors. Thus, now that you know all these reasons, if you notice any symptoms, you must visit the doctor at once and at Aikya, we have the best doctors attending to your problems.