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Labour and Birth Education

Labour and Birth Education ?

Over time the age old system of childbirths happening at home with the assistance of midwives has given way to a new scenario where women want to participate in their childbirth experience actively and make more informed decisions. With most of the deliveries in urban areas occurring in hospitals, the rates of maternal and infant mortality have come down markedly.

Women now are much more confident and seek more knowledge regarding their childbirth experience. The participation of the expectant father has also increased and it has become more of a family-centered maternity care. The introduction to childbirth that was previously done by the extended family is now obtained from formal childbirth and educational classes. Prenatal classes educate the expectant parents regarding conception, nutrition during pregnancy, physiological changes during pregnancy, what to expect during labour and childbirth and also care of the infant.

  • Why should you undergo pregnancy education ?

    Pregnancy education or prenatal classes is important for every expectant family as it helps them cope with the challenges that pregnancy brings along.

    • You gain knowledge regarding changes that happen in the mother’s body during pregnancy and postpartum. Couples get to learn what to expect during delivery and post-delivery care.
      In these sessions all their issues, questions and fears are addressed. According to research, expectant mothers who are well informed have better chances of avoiding nervous breakdowns during delivery.
      Labour and childbirth lessons also help the partner or the labour coach understand childbirth and help support the mother during childbirth.
      The classes help the pregnant mother learn psychological methods to handle pain during labour and delivery. Practice sessions are held for breathing techniques, learning to visualize, to coping with contractions and relaxation.
      Side effects of certain medications are also discussed here along with options available for pain relief during labour.
      The expectant couple is given a chance to go around the labour room or delivery suite and familiarize themselves with its facilities and policies. This in itself may be a big anxiety reliever.
      The job doesn’t end after childbirth; parents need to also learn how to take care of the baby. Lessons are provided on how to breastfeed, changing diapers and bathing the newborn. In the present day scenario where most families are nuclear families, these classes go a long way towards providing knowledge and confidence to the young couple. What are the effects of childbirth education?
      Studies have shown that women who have attended these classes have been shown to handle labour prepared and confident. Anxiety among the mother was found to be lesser and this in turn helped in the uterine contractile activity. They tend to have shortened period of labour with lesser pain.
      Effects of these lessons have also been shown in the decreasing need for operative deliveries and more and more women undergoing natural childbirth.
      Benefiting from labour and childbirth education sessions, women have had a positive childbirth experience and improved infant outcome.
      Childbirth is a special moment; make it a memorable one with the help of these classes. Aikya regularly conducts childbirth and labour education classes. These classes are conducted by a certified instructor .We also conduct regular exercise and physiotherapy sessions for expectant mothers. These are group sessions but you can also book you own indivual session .Do contact us for further information and a trial session.
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