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What do you mean by IMSI & PICSI?

IMSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection. It is a Male Infertility Treatment procedure that includes the choice of the right spermatozoa after testing the sperm morphology. This ensures that the egg can be fertilized by a viable sperm so that fertilization can occur positively. The sperm that is finally chosen in this procedure is utilized for micro-manipulative fertilization.

On the other hand, PICSI stands for Pre-selective Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. The sperm for ICSI is selected through PICSI.

When male patients tend to have a greater percentage of abnormal sperm and have encountered several poor outcomes in their IVF procedure with ICSI, then doctors suggest IMSI. This is because it is a much-enhanced selection tool and can improve the chances of fertilization and also allow normal embryo development.

Who should opt for IMSI?

The doctors recommend IMSI procedure for male patients with the following issues:

  • When the person has a very low sperm count
  • When the percentage of abnormally shaped sperm is quite high
  • When the patient has had several failures with previous ICSI treatments
  • The development of the embryo from the previous IVF treatments was very poor
  • There were several instances of miscarriages in the past

IMSI Procedure

The scientists perform a digital high magnification on the sperm so that the sperms are magnified to 6000 times their original size. This helps the doctors to identify the abnormalities in the sperm. They can now eliminate such sperms so that they are not used to fertilize the egg.

The normal sperms that are identified using this procedure are then used in the ICSI procedure to complete the process of fertilization. Our professionals are highly experienced at their job and whenever they detect abnormalities, they exclude them and select the most normal sperms to fertilize the egg through microinjection.

PICSI Procedure

In the ICSI procedure, the sperm was collected only on the basis of visual observation but with the PICSI procedure, the sperms can now be selected efficiently.

At first, the sperms are put in a dish containing hyaluronan hydrogel. Hyaluronan is a biopolymer that is found in human cells and also in the layer surrounding the oocyte in humans. Now the function of this biopolymer is that when the sperms are placed in them, the ones that are mature and in good shape attach to the hyaluronan. Thus, professionals can easily isolate the sperm cells.

This entire process also mimics a process that naturally occurs in the human body, that is, the process where a mature sperm binds to an oocyte. Thus, the sperm that is selected by the professional is the one that would have been selected in a natural fertilization process.

Both IMSI & ICSI procedures are Male Infertility Treatments and have led to higher success rates in pregnancy and are now increasingly adopted by the people.