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What is ERA Test ?

Endometrial Receptivity Array or ERA is a test to check the endometrial receptivity. This is a genetic test that determines whether the endometrial lining is developed enough to receive the embryo. To analyze the endometrial receptivity, this new technology scans the expression of the 238 genes that are related to endometrial receptivity. This test assesses the optimal time to place an embryo that would help in a successful implantation and pregnancy.

There are many reasons as to why an IVF might fail. It is extremely disheartening for couples when their IVF embryo transfer fails and endometrial receptivity could be one of the main reasons for this failure. The endometrial lining is a soft tissue in the uterus along which the cell is planted and the condition of the endometrium lining is crucial to a successful pregnancy.

When is this test done ?

Some of the instances when the ERA test is done are:

  • Women with recurrent unsuccessful embryo transfers are advised to undergo an ERA examination.
  • Women who might have had two or more failed embryo transfers and also fall in the age group of 37 years or older are recommended an ERA test.
  • The ERA test has shown to improve pregnancy rates as the embryo transfer can be timed as per the window of time when chances of implantation are high.
  • The time of embryo transfer is personalized for each patient to ensure a successful implantation.

Benefits of ERA

  • The Endometrial Receptivity Analysis has proved to be the most beneficial and accurate in determining the implantation window compared to other methods.
  • The ERA test has increased chances of pregnancies as with the test, the doctors can determine the receptivity of the uterus lining and implant the embryo when chances of implantation are most likely. The precision of time saves failures and ensures successful pregnancy.
  • The ERA test has saved a lot of time of couples opting for IVF. A lot of time gets wasted when a cycle of IVF fails and starting a fresh cycle. Now with this process, the time lag of month is eliminated. Couples can be free from the constant hope of a successful pregnancy and having a baby. After this test, success is ensured in the very next cycle.
  • The IVF treatment is very costly and several cycles in anticipation of a pregnancy cost a lot. The test saves money by preventing further cycles and increasing probability of pregnancy.
  • Above all, the process of IVF is not only physically painful but also mentally taxing. Numerous cycles take a toll on the overall health of the patient and this test gets rid of such problems, as the doctors would now know the right time to plant the embryo.