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What is Blastocyst Implantation ?

Blastocyst Implantation or Embryo transfer as can be understood from the name is the transfer of the embryo in the blastocyst stage to the uterus of the female.

In general, the transfer at the blastocyst stage does not create any kinds of problems but it might not be suitable for all the females. This particular transfer depends on two vital things.

  • Number of embryos
  • The quality of embryos that are available on the third day after the eggs are retrieved from the female

The Actual Procedure

There are many reasons why couples are not able to conceive and get pregnant and some of them are:

  • Under-development of the embryo in the woman’s body.
  • Embryos might not be mature enough to have reached the blastocyst stage, which is extremely essential for the process of pregnancy.
  • Doctors recommend Blastocyst Implantation for patients undergoing IVF treatment as it can help facilitate the IVF procedure.

Advantages Of Blastocyst Implantation

  • It makes sure that the best embryo, which has the highest survival rate, is chosen out of the others. The healthiest embryo highly increases the rate of pregnancy.

The Procedure

The Blastocyst transfer procedure starts right from the time the embryo is made to mature into a blastocyst in a laboratory, under medical supervision.  After the embryo has successfully matured into the blastocyst stage, it is then transferred into the uterus of the woman through the help of a catheter.
An embryo with the greatest chance of survival is selected, as it is extremely essential for the success rate of a pregnancy. This is where Embryo transfer procedure helps the doctor to choose the healthiest embryo from among others to ensure better chances for pregnancy.

The selected embryo is then tested in the laboratory for few days, say five to six days during which it matures and then it is transferred into the uterus. The uterus by this time is ready to accept the embryo for implantation. Thus, not only is the uterus naturally prepared but also the embryo is healthy. So quite naturally it becomes extremely easier for the implantation to happen.

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