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Aikya Fertility & Research Centre (JP Nagar)

WHY CHOOSE Aikya Fertility & Research Centre?

Aikya fertility team is devoted to helping you, our patients, become parents, and facing the medical and emotional challenges together. The care we give is genuine, sincere and highly skilled – founded on the expertise and insight of our Infertility experts, many of whom have experienced infertility themselves.

We serve as a guide through education, personalized treatments and support for the emotional ups and downs. We’re there through it all, committed to your success.

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  1. Follicular Monitoring Scan
  2. Tubal Patency Testing
  3. Diagnostic Hysterolap
  4. Hormone Analysis

Advance Testing



  1. Semen Analysis
  2. Semen Freezing
  3. DFI OF Sperm
  4. MACS


  1. In Vitro Fertilization/ICSI
  2. Oocyte pick up
  3. Oocyte Donation Programme
  4. Embryo Donation Programme
  5. Embryo Freezing
  6. FET

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The best infertility treatment clinics in Bangalore

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Aikya Specialty Centre ,one of the best infertility treatment clinics in Bangalore is equipped with state of the art facilities which ensures all our patients with infertility issues receive the best of diagnosis and treatment all under one roof.

At Aikya Specialty Centre, we have all the advanced facilities for diagnosing and treating infertility under one roof and to provide care for the mother and the baby.


Clinic Facilities

The recovery room provides short-term intensive care to a wide variety of patients, better assuring their smooth, uncomplicated, rapid postoperative course. Aikya fertility clinic has a unique recovery room with several articulating beds. Our clinic features a variety of tools to help you relax, recover, and rejuvenate. Patients are observed, monitored carefully in the recovery room post-surgery. Our postoperative recovery room, rooms in which outpatients can rest for a few hours, comfortable patients' bedrooms, and several rooms used for patient counseling, post-operative treatments, and a close observation & monitoring of the patients’ health.

We have a separate and dedicated scan room with a State of Art technology & color Doppler used for patient Scans. Combined with our highly trained professional staff, nurses & doctors we ensure the safest, most pleasant, and most effective ultrasound experience possible for the expectant parents and the baby. Our 3D ultrasound equipment provides safe ultrasonic waves which are the same as used in your doctor’s office. You receive several high-resolution ultrasound images with unsurpassed clarity.

Our reception area is well equipped with comfortable seating, warm and welcoming employees and a great reception desk. A clinic that is well-designed and well-equipped facilitates better patient care & greater professional satisfaction. We have established all the necessary protocols, cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection measures so that our patient can sit back and relax without any hesitation. We have taken steps to fully equip our Operating theatres with the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to conduct all kinds of surgeries, related to infertility and gynecology.

We have taken steps to fully equip our Operating theatres with the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to conduct all kinds of surgeries, related to infertility and gynecology. Sometimes, the very best chances of pregnancy success require surgical procedures. The majority of procedures are minimally invasive and highly effective, and can be done on an outpatient basis in our own clinic. With leading-edge treatments, advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques, and a comprehensive team approach to fertility care, we are able to respond to even the most complex medical issues.

IVF OT is equipped with all state-of-the-art medical equipment required for carrying major invasive surgeries. The list of medical equipment available in major OT includes Boyle’s apparatus, suction machine, rotatory lights, high-definition laparoscopic surgery set, high grade monitors, ECG machines, Anesthesia stations and many more.

We always maintain a well-stocked pharmacy to meet all kinds of emergencies. We ensure that our patients are provided the right medications at the right time to avoid any mishaps.

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Our doctors


Dr. Sunil Eshwar

Clinical Director & Fertility Specialist


Dr. Smrithi D Nayak

Senior Fertility Specialist - Obstetrician, Gynecologist & Laparoscopic Surgeon


Dr. Chandan

Scientific Director & Chief Embryologist


Ms. Manisha Sanjay

Center Head

Aikya Fertility & Research Centre

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